The new heavyweight from STILL: Peak performance for heavy loads

PTS Logistics GmbH

Sector: Packing, transport and solutions
Company: Specialist in seaworthy export packaging with around 190 employees and numerous locations.
Challenge: Global shipping of 7000 packages (~65,300 m3 or 15,000 t of goods that are packaged to be seaworthy). Tough operating conditions due to weather.
Solution: Test phase (rental) of an RCD 160/1200 (diesel forklift truck, load capacity of 16 tonnes) with custom configuration and subsequent purchase.

The new RCD diesel forklift truck from STILL boasts impressive power thanks to its two common rail turbo engines. The precise hydraulic steering is both intuitive and responsive, so the truck can easily handle heavy and bulky loads of up to 18 tonnes. It also offers unparalleled all-round visibility thanks to its sloped counterweight, large cab window and armoured panoramic roof window. The new heavyweight from STILL also ticked all the boxes for PTS Logistics GmbH, a Bremen-based specialist in seaworthy export packaging. Following a comprehensive test phase, the company recently purchased an RCD 160/1200 for its location in the Port of Hamburg. With a load-bearing capacity of 16 tonnes and a load centre distance (i.e. the distance between the fork backs and the load’s centre of gravity) of 1200 mm, this agile RCD is ideal for manoeuvring and transporting particularly heavy and bulky machine components.

PTS Logistics at the gateway to the world

Its base in Bremen and locations in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Ravensburg, Heeslingen and Mönchengladbach mean that PTS Logistics has a presence in Germany’s most important sea and inland ports. Vanessa Peters, Member of the Management Board at PTS Logistics: “From small parts through to large systems, we strive to package everything in line with our customers’ requirements wherever possible. Here at our Hamburg location, we pre- dominantly package and supply bulky and heavy machine components in large crates for sea freight export. In 2022, we shipped around 7000 packages to destinations around the world. That’s equivalent to handling some 65,300 cubic metres or 15,000 tonnes of goods that are packaged to be seaworthy.” As well as the packaging side, the second-generation family business also designs packaging solutions of all kinds for all modes of transport. The experienced logis- tics services provider also handles warehousing, order picking including customs clearance and – the latest addition to its portfolio – assembly and installation at its customers’ premises.

STILL offers flexible rental model before purchase

Operating conditions for forklift trucks and lifting equipment are particularly tough in adverse wind and weather conditions in the Port of Hamburg. Patrick Rehberg, CEO of PTS Logistics: “Recently, maintenance and repairs have often created bottlenecks, particularly involving our lifting equipment for heavy packages, so we’ve put various forklift trucks from a range of manufacturers through some pretty intense testing. STILL maintained a collaborative working relationship with us throughout this phase and always listened carefully to our requirements.” During this period of testing, the existing tyres were replaced with more flexible and elastic ones, and the headlights modified or replaced as per customer request. Timo Gubernatis, Regional Rental Manager at the STILL subsidiary in Hamburg adds: “We now have a 16-tonne truck operating here in the Port of Hamburg for the first time. We successfully completed the test phase on a rental basis before concluding the purchase.”

Comfortable driver’s workspace increases rate of goods handling

The intuitive control elements on the truck controller are easy to access and operate, ensuring long-term efficiency and making work less tiring. The high-resolution 7-inch colour display with touch operation means that all relevant information is always vis- ible. Individual adjustment options on the driver’s seat optimise seating comfort and ensure fatigue-free working. And if the forward view is ever blocked by large loads, the entire driver’s workspace, including the control elements, can be rotated by 180 degrees.

Excellent handling performance with emissions permanently reduced to significantly below limit values

The load-bearing capacity of STILL’s new RCD diesel forklift trucks ranges from 10 to 18 tonnes. The automatic transmission delivers optimum handling performance without the need to hitch and switch, while the two quiet turbo engines feature impressive torque and automatically tailor the revs applied to the weight of the load. Combined with the modern exhaust gas treatment system, this permanently reduces both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, with the latter now significantly below the current limit values specified by the EU emissions standard.

Intuitive, sensitive and precise control and steering of the agile heavyweight with optimum visibility of both load and surroundings

The excellent handling power is matched by the intuitive and responsive control ele- ments that operate the truck. André Stelley, Technical Operations Manager at PTS Logistics Hamburg, underlines this, saying: “The new RCD has a compact design and a tight turning circle, which are hugely beneficial in view of the space constraints on our premises. The precise hydraulics coupled with the excellent visibility thanks to the large cab windows and roof window made from safety glass ensure optimum performance in every situation. In addition, the mast is optimised to maximise visibility so that the operator always has a clear view of the load and the area where they are working.” When the truck is reversing, the sloped counterweight minimises blind spots. On sunny days, the sun blind on the panoramic roof window ensures excellent visibility of the load during lifting and lowering. It’s also worth noting that the wide range of fork carriages and attachments ensures that the truck can handle every kind of load.

Safety is paramount

As well as large, non-slip and clearly visible steps that allow for safe entry and exit, safety is also the watchword for all hydraulic control elements used to drive and move the load. STILL’s spirited heavyweight can only operate if the driver is in contact with the accelerator pedal; if the driver leaves their seat, then all the control elements are immediately and automatically disabled, whatever the situation.
All rear-facing truck parts such as the exhaust pipe are integrated into the chas- sis, so the driver always has full visibility when reversing, while the armoured roof window gives a good view of loads that are being lifted, preventing accidents and damage to goods.
Finally, the automatic parking brake is easy to activate via a simple rocker switch on the control elements, allowing the RCD to be parked safely.


The two industrial engines on the new RCD diesel forklift trucks combine powerful performance with low fuel consumption. Different operating concepts offer the right solution for all drivers and operating situations, while the wide variety of specially de- signed attachments mean the new heavyweight from STILL is the perfect all-rounder. Heavy loads can be handled safely and with consummate ease, even in confined areas, thanks to the ultra-narrow track width of the extremely agile RCD. All of these attributes combine to increase goods turnover and drastically reduce CO2 emissions.